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5 Things People NEVER Remember to Clean

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In even the tidiest life, many everyday items that need regular cleaning frequently go unnoticed. Here are five items that deserve your attention:

1. Hairbrush: Washing your hair regularly removes dirt, oils and hair products, yet your hairbrush encounters these same things every time you brush those locks. When buildup accumulates on the brush, you’re depositing grime back onto just-washed hair with each brush use. Washing your hairbrush keeps your hair cleaner and prolongs brush life.

2. Pop-up Sink Stopper: If your bathroom sink doesn’t drain properly, there’s probably hair and soap scum blocking the way. A surprising amount of hair collects around the sink stopper, which then catches soap and dirt each time you wash your hands. Don’t forget the stopper when you clean the sink.

3. Credit and Debit Cards: Using credit or debit cards frequently can cause dirt and grime to stick to the magnetic strip on the back, making the card’s stored information unreadable. Getting caught with a non-functioning card could mean trouble, but a little regular maintenance can prevent such problems.

4. Houseplants: Houseplants sometimes seem like dust magnets, which is problematic on a few levels. Dust can affect a plant’s ability to synthesize light, essentially causing it to starve. Dust may attract bugs, and it can also aggravate allergies or cause respiratory irritation. When you dust the furniture, remember to dust the plants as well.

5. Steering Wheel: Throughout the day, you touch many surfaces that can leave your hands germy. It’s likely that even with regular washing or use of hand sanitizers, germs will transfer to your car’s steering wheel, gearshift and other surfaces. Regular cleaning will help prevent those germs from getting back onto your hands


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