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Advantages of Green Cleaning Supplies

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When you clean your home, your top priority is to protect the health of your family from germs and other dangers. Unfortunately, many cleaning supplies can actually pose their own health risks, and these chemicals can introduce new threats to your home.

Most commercial cleaning supplies are made with synthetic chemicals with strong odors and abrasive qualities. The harsh chemicals in some commercial cleaning supplies can trigger allergies, aggravate asthma and may even have carcinogenic properties. Worse, they can be deadly if ingested in larger quantities by a curious child or family pet. The fumes from some cleaning supplies can be enough to cause serious health concerns for certain animals like birds even if large quantities are not ingested.

Aside from health concerns, traditional cleaning supplies can also be highly damaging to the environment. Most people don’t think to dispose of their cleaning agents as toxic waste, but that’s precisely what these chemicals are. Left in landfills, they can seep into groundwater supplies and poison crops and wildlife.

There is a healthier solution that can help leave your home spotless without introducing these chemicals into your home. Eco-friendly cleaning supplies are safe and effective, and they’re made from ingredients that won’t harm the environment or poison groundwater. You can choose from a number of hypo-allergenic all-natural products to keep your home sparkling clean and free of harmful chemical and microbial agents.

This year, consider switching over to green cleaning supplies when you make a resolution to live a cleaner, healthier life. Not only will you be protecting the health of your family, you’ll also be doing the environment a favor.


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