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Avoiding damage from a faulty fireplace

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Fireplace accidents can happen as a result of closed flues or when a buildup of creosote, which is formed over time from the smoke from burning wood, ignites and causes a chimney fire. Whatever the reason, these incidents can cause smoke to fill the room and your home, staining furnishings and wallpaper along with leaving a charred scent behind.

There are some basic things that you can do to reduce the amount of damage done, such as airing out your home, wiping down all surfaces, including light bulbs and walls, and washing curtains and window dressings. You should also be sure to close off all vents in areas that have been filled with smoke to prevent it from spreading through your HVAC system.

However, major cleanup should be left to professionals. The reason for this is that spending large amounts of time exposed to smoke particles can be unhealthy if you don’t have proper protection. Additionally, cleaning services that handle smoke damage can provide much more effective remedies for cleaning and airing out damaged areas. These remedies often work faster as well, something that is important since smoke damage becomes increasingly difficult to repair over time.

Industrial fans and carpet cleaning can help to quickly remove the charred smoke scent from your home, and special solvents can clean wallpaper and furnishings without damaging them or changing their appearance. Professional cleaning services can also use fogging machines that employ thick smoke that has deodorizing agents in it or ozone generators to remove even embedded odors. In the event that you were not able to close your vents, cleaning services can also clean and remove soot from your HVAC ducts.


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