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Cleaning Carpets the Pet-Friendly Way

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As autumn and winter introduce colder temperatures, your pets will probably spend more time indoors. This typically brings them into contact with your carpets. In addition to walking on them, many cats and dogs like to sleep on carpeted surfaces. It’s best to clean this material in a way that keeps everyone comfortable and doesn’t create health risks.

There’s a reason why most store-bought cleaning products fail to list all of their ingredients. The Environmental Working Group warns that many cleaners contain dangerous chemicals, such as chloroform and formaldehyde. Toxic substances may irritate skin, damage lungs or even cause cancer. Long-term exposure harms the health of both humans and pets.

On the other hand, dirty carpets also create serious hazards. They often contain harmful bacteria, mites, mold and various kinds of dust. If you have allergies, it’s particularly important to eliminate things like pet dander and dust mites. Your family’s four-legged companions will also benefit from thorough carpet cleaning. It removes thorns, spiders and parasite eggs from the home.

A safe and effective solution is to hire a pet-friendly home cleaning company. After you schedule a service call, skilled technicians will visit your home and use sophisticated equipment to deep-clean your carpets. They can remove unpleasant odors, embedded fur and various allergens. Everyone will breathe easier as your home’s air quality improves.

It’s wise to select a home cleaning service with non-toxic supplies, reliable machines and well-trained personnel. Our company only orders safe products that won’t harm you or your pets. We train staff members to use techniques that thoroughly clean homes without harsh chemicals. Our powerful equipment also reduces the need for sprays and powders. Please contact us the next time your carpets need cleaning.


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