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How to Ruin Suede Furniture

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It is extremely easy to stain suede furniture. Leather furniture is much more delicate than conventional fabric upholstery and requires a special cleaning process. Suede can become easily damaged if it is not treated properly. Homeowners often try DIY cleaning products or procedures to get rid of stains but cause more harm than good. Since suede is made from animal hide with open pores, it is quite absorbent and becomes easily stained when the wrong cleaner is used. When water comes in contact with suede, it becomes stiff as well. Harsh chemicals may lead to worse stains. Some may cause deterioration to the protective suede coating, which exposes the material to dirt and humidity. Also, when brushed vigorously to remove a stain, suede can become permanently destroyed.

To prevent costly damage or the need to replace a piece of furniture, it is much smarter to hire a professional cleaning service. Professionals are experts in the field and understand the ways to clean all types of furniture without causing damage. These experts will have the proper materials and equipment to get the job done efficiently. Technicians can handle a number of problems or stains, especially on delicate leather. A team of professionals will work fast and preserve suede upholstery and return it to like-new condition.

Instead of wasting time and money on dangerous chemical cleaners, there are alternatives for upholstery care. For the safest and best way to clean suede furniture, consult with a local professional upholstery service. It is the best way to assure quick and efficient removal of dirt and stains from all materials, especially leather and suede.


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