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Is it Time for Professional Carpet Cleaning?

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Carpets are the focal point of your home and keeping them clean is a top priority. Vacuuming is great for day-to-day carpet maintenance, but if you haven’t had your carpet professionally cleaned, just how dirty is it? Vacuuming removes surface dust but leaves behind pesky debris that can cause long-term damage to your carpet.

Damage from water, smoke or pets might be masked with do it yourself techniques, but if you want a carpet that’s truly clean, it’s best to leave the job to a pro. Professional carpet cleaning removes deep-set dust, odors and allergens that your residential vacuum just can’t reach. Professional carpet cleaning technicians utilize specialized tools that remove hard to reach, deep-set stains and odors on every inch of your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners have targeted stain removers for your toughest reside on-hand that will target your spots without devastating your carpet.

If you’re from Maryland and are looking for top-notch residential carpet cleaning services, contact us. Hydro Clean is a member of the Professional Cleaners Association and we are dedicated to providing high quality carpet, drapery and furniture cleaning services. The Hydro Clean technicians are courteous, prompt and factory trained on the use of all of our carpet cleaning equipment. We ensure the safety of your furniture by moving it and utilizing Styrofoam blocks to prevent water damage. Whatever our technicians can’t clean using our modern equipment is meticulously cleansed by hand. You’ll be amazed by how a clean carpet transforms the look of your home.


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