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Keeping Outdoor Furniture Clean All Summer Long

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Summer is approaching quickly, and this means that you are getting ready to spend a lot more time outdoors. You waited a long time to be able to have your first barbecue, and the weather is warm enough to spend time in the pool. When you are ready to lie in the sun or sit and enjoy your hotdogs and hamburgers with friends, where will you do this?

It’s time for the patio furniture that you put away for the winter to make an appearance, but this presents a few problems. Your furniture will be exposed to the elements, and this can cause your beautiful furnishings to deteriorate. Therefore, they will require intense care, but the weather and pests are conspiring against you.

Damage from Moisture and Light

Rain can wreak havoc on your wood because the moisture can cause it to swell or become warped. It can also stain the finish. Furthermore, you have to concern yourself with direct sunlight because it can crack the finish. Your furniture may contain a large amount of plastic, and plastic that is exposed to moisture, light and heat can also begin to breakdown.

The Danger of Insects and Rodents

Lastly, there are always pests in the yard, and some of these insects like to feed on wood. For example, termites and certain ant species seek wood as a source of food or a place to nest. Sometimes, rodents are living in the yard, and they always need something to gnaw on. Your patio furniture gives them an excellent place to do this.

To keep the damage that the elements and pests can do to a minimum, hire a professional cleaning and restoration service. These professionals will keep your furniture looking its best all summer long.


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