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Know Your Home: Fire Prevention Equipment

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Homes require continual maintenance, from checking the filter in the furnace to cleaning the toilets. While many people incorporate these sorts of tasks into some sort of routine, sometimes the most important household maintenance gets overlooked.

Fires are some of the most deadly and damaging household dangers. Therefore, fire equipment should be properly maintained alongside the other items on the to-do list.

The most obvious place to start when it comes to fire equipment is also the most important. Smoke detectors should be placed in every bedroom or sleeping area. Most modern smoke detectors have a built-in system to indicate when the battery is low, but it is still important to check that every smoke detector is working at least twice a year.

Fire extinguishers are another common tool for fire safety. Many people store their fire extinguisher in a kitchen or workshop, wherever fires are most likely to occur. Fire extinguishers must be checked regularly in order to keep them functional.

Some homeowners may also invest in suppression systems. Suppression systems use water, air or chemicals to control flames. The average home may not need such a system, but homes with especially expensive items or overly combustible tools may find them useful. These systems need to be professionally inspected in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Remote monitoring is often a service that is paid for month-to-month. These monitoring services will be linked to smoke detectors and other safety devices in the home. Homeowners should check that all monitoring equipment is unobstructed and turned on in order to ensure complete protection.

Everyone works to take care of their home. Therefore, be sure to include fire equipment in your maintenance plan.


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