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The Dangers of Carpets

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Carpeting is a common flooring choice due to its affordability and comfort factor. Unfortunately, the flooring option also creates a cozy sanctuary for numerous allergens and microorganisms. Most carpets house pollen and dust mites. They also encourage the growth of mold, mildew and other types of bacteria.

Why Are Carpets so Germy?

According to research, your carpet contains approximately 200,000 bacteria per square inch. This element makes it more germy than a toilet seat. Carpet is particularly full of bacteria because the average person loses about 1.5 million skin cells an hour. When the skin cells land on your carpet, they become food for germs. Food particles, pet dander and pollen also become germ food.

Do Vacuum Cleaners Work?

Your vacuum cleaner will suction up surface dirt, but the device’s suctioning power and revolving beater brush is probably unable to reach the bottom areas of your carpet. As a result, the flooring type is likely to have E. coli, staphylococcus and salmonella colonies developing in it. Each time you or someone in your family walks across it or your kids play on it, the bacteria is disrupted and shifts closer to the carpet’s surface. Central vacuuming systems work better since they release debris outside your home. This action also eliminates the especially fine particles that find their way back into your home by passing through vacuum bags or canisters.


You may be tempted to replace your carpeting with hard surface flooring. However, as long as you have your carpets steam cleaned by a reputable company annually, the germs should remain at bay. To keep you and your family safe, vacuum frequently between steam cleanings and cover areas that experience high traffic with washable area rugs.


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