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Three signs that your home needs professional water damage remediation

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Although some homeowners feel that they can handle a little water damage remediation on their own, it’s important to recognize when the need for professional remediation arises. Here are three sure signs that you should call in a professional.

1. Dirty or contaminated water

A spilled glass of drinking water on the rug is one thing, but dirty water such as a dishwasher leak is a totally different problem. Dirty water not only presents a health risk, but also encourages the growth of mold and mildew and other unwelcome infestations that are hard to get rid of. In addition, contaminated water can infiltrate porous materials such as textiles, walls, and wood floors, and can infuse them with unpleasant smells that you will have great difficulty removing. If you have a water damage problem that involves dirty water, professional remediation is your best option.

2. Mold or mildew

Mold can not only leave unsightly stains wherever it grows, but it can also be fiendishly difficult to get rid of. In order to prevent a recurrence you have to not only kill the visible mold but also change the conditions in your house so mold can’t find any good living situations later. Because mold presents these cleaning difficulties as well as being a health threat, you should always use professional remediation to eliminate the problem.

3. Structural damage

A structurally unsound house is not safe to live or work in. If your house has been structurally compromised, perhaps by a powerful flood or hurricane, you shouldn’t return to it until the remediation team tells you it’s safe to do so. Professional water damage remediation teams have training in repairing structural damage caused by water and know what precautions to take and what hazards to check for. Allowing a remediation team to handle this sensitive issue is the safest thing to do.

If any of these signs apply to your situation today, contact us now for more information about how our services can help get your home back to normal.


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