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Three ways fire damage remediation can protect your health

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If you’re considering calling a fire damage remediation professional to restore your home after a fire, you may winder just what part damage remediation professionals play in restoring your life to pre-fire normalcy. You’ll be pleased to find that damage remediation not only cares for your home but also protects your health and safety in these three ways.

1. Smoke removal

Smoke can be detrimental to your health. Not only can it irritate your respiratory system, but it can also trigger or aggravate previously existing respiratory conditions such as asthma. Fire damage remediation include the removal of smoke and smoke smells to protect you from the respiratory effects and toxic chemicals associated with smoke.

2. Water cleanup

Firefighters often leave a lot of water in your home after putting out a fire. This is why fire damage remediation often includes water cleanup and remediation as well. Because mold can grow quickly if water remains for a day or more, remediation professionals will clean up water quickly to avert the danger of mold growth.

3. Structural repair

Both fire and water damage can impair the structural stability of your home. The degree of damage involved relates to the amount of water used and the severity of the fire. Damage remediation professionals have experience working with structurally damaged homes, so they can detect and ameliorate any dangers from structural damage before you re-enter the house.

If your house has recently been damaged by fire, contact us today for more information about how our services can help you.


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