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What to do while waiting for your Water damage remediation professionals

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When your house has been in the path of a hurricane or flood, you may want to rush home directly afterwards and start cleaning everything up. But if you’ve prudently decided to contact professionals for water damage remediation, it’s best to wait until the help arrives. Here are three steps you can take while waiting for a professional remediation team.

1. Checking for hazards

Inspect the outside of the house before entering to ensure there is no visible structural damage. Do not enter the house if the electricity has not been turned off (you should always turn it off before evacuating). When you enter, keep an eye out for dangerous wildlife that may have taken shelter while you were gone. Keep water and gas turned off as well in case of leaks, contamination, or other problems.

2. Assessing

Take notes for your water damage repair professionals. In the wake of a natural disaster they’ll be booked solid and it may take them several days to get to your home. Any notes or pictures you can show them on exactly where the water was and which areas were the worst hit can help them assess the repair situation accurately and may even help locate hidden water damage.

3. Damage control

Some items can incur more damage if they have to wait too long for professional restoration. To keep your wet books and papers from deteriorating while they wait, place them in plastic bags in the freezer. Sopping wet fabrics such as clothes and bedding should wait in a watertight container.

After being through the harrowing experience of a flood or a hurricane, you deserve the peace of mind that professional water damage remediation can bring. Feel free to contact us if you’d like a quote or if you need more information about what is and isn’t safe for you to do while waiting for repairs.


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