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Hydro Clean and Certified Restoration


Since 1986, Hydro Clean has been a leader in high quality home cleaning services.

Started off 33 years ago. My wife was doing the bookkeeping in the office, and I was out actually doing the cleaning of the carpets myself.

Family-run, and built from the ground up on quality service.

We stand behind our work. We guarantee it.

Hydro Clean takes a minimally invasive approach to restore your room or furniture to like-new conditions.

When we show up, we’re fully prepared. We’re bringing all of our clean water. We’re not dumping any dirty water in your home; we bring that back with us. And we’re not lugging additional equipment into your home. We try to be as minimal as possible and respect your home.

Professional grade, truck-mounted equipment lifts out even the toughest dirt and grime.

It runs off of the motor that’s in the truck that is tremendously powerful.

Delivering results you won’t replicate with rental gear.

It’s a lot more power than you could get at your residential Home Depot or box store or something like that.

Our in-house team of technicians goes through rigorous training.

When you’re dealing with very expensive furniture, you better know what you’re doing.

Making Hydro Clean the trusted team for everything, from common carpet to antique furniture and Oriental rugs.

When you really need a good deep cleaning or when it hasn’t been done in a while, we can clean them in our warehouse. We’re able to fully extract all of the dirt out of the back of the rug and then we can clean it and hang it on our racks to dry properly.

No matter the job, our customer satisfaction speaks for itself.

50% of our business is repeat. 25% is referrals.

So if you’re looking for a deeper clean done faster…

You don’t have to spend your weekend trying to clean your own carpet. Within a matter of a couple of hours, we can have your home cleaned and ready to go.

Give the professionals at Hydro Clean a call today.

Bottom line is you get your carpet furniture and drapery cleaned the way it’s supposed to be.

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