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Plumbing Leak Damage in Baltimore, Columbia, MD

A plumbing leak can be negligible or catastrophic depending on the size and location of the leak. If a pipe bursts, it can spill gallons of water creating a flood and you might find yourself in knee-length water. Some leaks are undetectable and difficult to pin-point without professional help.

At Hydro Clean Certified Restoration, our team has the experience and tools needed to detect underlying plumbing leaks that might damage your property slowly.
Call us at 410-505-7879 or contact us online if you see mold growth or foul odors coming from walls or floors.

Our crew is factory-trained, and we provide 24/7 emergency service in Baltimore, Columbia, Washington Grove, and surrounding areas.

Detect Underlying Plumbing Leaks Before it Causes Significant Damages

If there is a major plumbing failure, you will know right away and can call the experts immediately. However, it is equally important to get professional help for unnoticeable leaks.

• Check the water meter after turning off all the water-related chores in your home. If the meter is still running, it is a sign of hidden leaks.
• If the water pressure is low, chances are, water is leaving the system before it reaches the faucet.
• A drastic increase in your water bill while the usage remains the same, indicates a major underlying leak.
• Bubbling, cracked, or peeling paint in your walls might happen if water leaks on the other side of the wall through a broken pipe.
• Growth of mold and bacteria in your bathroom, or near your kitchen sinks is a major indicator of plumbing leaks. Pipes are usually installed underneath the floors in showers and kitchen if these pipes leaks, mold and, algae can grow.

Let Hydro Clean Tackle the Plumbing Damages of Your Maryland Properties

Our technicians will quickly detect hidden leaks with moisture monitors and restore the mold damage. If the leak caused a flood, we will pump out the water, clean and sanitize the area, and use industrial dehumidifiers to dry every corner, making sure no sign of moisture remains.

Just call us at 410-505-7879 or click here to get in touch with us.

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