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3 Major Ways to Prepare for a Clean Winter Home

December 26, 2018

Winter is hectic. There’re so many things to do that the last thing on the to-do list is to clean–except for the frantic cleaning that happens right before dinner. This winter use these tips to clean the smart way, so you have more time to celebrate.

3 Major Ways to Prepare for a Clean Winter Home

Keep Your Home Clean by Avoiding Spreading Dust

Dust gathers on everything and being cold means being inside more often, which contributes to a lot more dust floating around. Try to eliminate the dust in these often-neglected areas:

  1. Fan bladesFans spin both cold and warm air, but the spinning blades mostly just circulate the dust back down.
  2. The furnace. Furnaces easily fill with dust, forming a more polluted air level that is five times worse than the air outside.
  3. Windows. Typically, windows stay shut, so dust can’t escape. Instead, it collects on the top and easily falls off when decorations are hung up on them.

Winter is Flu Season. Disinfect to Keep Healthy

Winter is the most notorious season for the flu. Germs fester in overlooked places, so by sanitizing these areas, you can better prepare to keep everyone healthy.

  1. The Refrigerator. Winter holidays means a lot of food is being consumed, so giving it a good cleaning before stuffing it full with holiday favorites helps keep those bacteria away.
  2. Garbage cans. Just like the hard fruitcake that gets left alone on the counter behind all the good food, actually cleaning the garbage doesn’t make it on the chore list.
  3. Toilet brushes. This one is more obvious than the trash can, but in order to keep your bathroom clean, it’s best to replace them every six months.

Shortcuts to a Clean Home for the Winter Holidays

When your mom says to “CAYGO,” or “Clean as You GO”, she is right. These household items tend to collect dust, germs and dander that you can CAYGO as you decorate:

  1. Furniture. Turn your furniture upside down and vacuum the bottom, and then clean the cracks of the couch. Getting rid of what’s hiding underneath can help to avoid dragging dirt all over your carpets.
  2. Rugs. Rugs are every household’s best helper. Put them in heavy-traffic areas so all the snow, slush and mud collect in one spot that is easy to remove and easy to clean. This list contains a lot of steps, but you don’t have to do them all at once! It’s best to schedule small steps throughout each day until it becomes a routine. You don’t want it to get so bad that you need a deep cleaning. If, however, you are overwhelmed with all of the items on your new to-do list, call the professionals at Hydro Clean today and we can come help you!

Their Mission Statement is to “provide the highest quality carpet, furniture, and drapery cleaning services available.” Be sure to use these tips to keep your home clean this winter.

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Keep your home happy and healthy with expert carpet cleaning services with Hydro Clean. We are the cleaning technicians that do the hard work for you, so you can enjoy your home to the fullest. Contact us today to schedule your next cleaning appointment!

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