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4 Unexpected Places To Find Mold

December 27, 2018

Mold is commonly found in bathrooms around tubs or showers and in kitchens around sinks. However, there are several other places it can hide that people would least expect.

Moldy Dishes

unexpected places

Mold can accumulate on dishes in a drainer or in a cupboard. If the air is moist and they are not stacked with enough space between each dish, mold can start growing. If family members eat off the dishes, they could become sick from ingesting the mold. Also, the mold can spread and continue growing in cabinets.

Mold in Dishwasher

People who use front-loading washers are more prone to seeing mold. It starts around the gasket and can spread. This means clothing will have mold residue on it, which can lead to illness.

Mold Forming in Air Conditioners

Mold thrives on the pollen and dust captured by air conditioners. If the unit is not run regularly during hot and humid weather, mold can grow in the ducts. Forced air from moldy ducts can make families sick, and they often do not know what is causing the illness.

Fridge Drip Pans

Drip pans collect all kinds of dirt and residue, and the dampness under the refrigerator mixes with that to create mold. The mold often spreads unnoticed and can eventually grow over vents and into the unit.

Long-term health risks are the biggest problem with mold, but damaged belongings are also problematic. Getting rid of mold is serious business, and simply removing or cleaning moldy items is not enough. Only a professional restoration service can effectively remove the risk to protect home residents from harm. Professionals are also able to properly clean or repair damaged items

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