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April Showers Bring Water Damage

December 27, 2018

Spring bears the promise of improved weather, but for homeowners, it also brings the risk of flooding. Marylanders may be particularly vulnerable due to their proximity to waterways and shorelines. With state government models estimating that 100-year floodplains account for almost one-seventh of Maryland’s area, those who reside here need to plan ahead to survive potential water damage.

Understanding Springtime Flooding

April Showers Bring Water Damage

When the weather warms up, water that was formerly bound in ice melts. As this liquid drains into rivers and streams, their water levels rise, which can impact artificial waterways. Storm drain channels, culverts and other human-made management systems may become overloaded by the sheer amount of moisture that they suddenly have to handle.

These problems also occur on a local scale in neighborhoods and cities. When the storm drains near your home get backed up, the water has to go somewhere. Your building’s basement and other low-level floors might end up bearing the burden.

What Can Water Damage Do?

Flooding does more than simply transform your basement into an indoor swimming pool. Depending on the paths that floodwaters follow, they can carry industrial runoff, toxic sewage and other hazardous contaminants that make their way into your home. Dealing with these hazards typically requires expert sanitation assistance.

Hidden Sources of Harm

It’s a common misconception to assume that the risks associated with water damage have passed just because you pumped out your basement. Moisture gets into porous building materials and possessions, like concrete, wood, drywall, insulation, furniture and clothing, and it turns these items into prime breeding grounds for mold.

In addition to creating persistent sour, mildewy odors, mold releases spores that agencies like the Centers for Disease Control say can contribute to severe respiratory health problems. It’s vital to have your home thoroughly inspected for mold after any flood event.

Major Material Deficiencies

Flooding can also cause permanent damage to your building’s support systems. For instance, outlets, switches, fuse boxes and different kinds of wire need to be completely replaced after being soaked.

Even if they were only underwater for a short time, appliances like boilers and air conditioning units might be beyond salvage. Due to their hazardous nature, these repairs are best left to the professionals.

Getting Your Life Back on Track

These are just some of the types of damage that spring flooding can cause. No matter how mild your flooding seems, however, it’s vital to talk to an expert about your Maryland cleaning and restoration options. To learn more, call Hydro-Clean at 410-505-7879.

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