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Avoiding Smoke Damage From Fire Pits

December 27, 2018

Fire pits are awesome ways to enjoy those cool fall nights and even chilly winters without being completely cooped up indoors. Unfortunately, using them improperly can lead to property damage. Follow these basic tips to keep smoke out of your eyes and prevent it from damaging your home or your patio.

Watch What You Burn

Smoke Damage

While it’s tempting to throw everything on the blaze, limiting what you burn can significantly reduce the amount of smoke your setup emits. Always stick to cured, or well-dried, wood; fuel that contains lots of water can really spread smoke. Never burn petroleum products on an open flame either.

Redirecting the Flames and Choosing the Best Spot

One of the most important factors in controlling smoke damage is controlling where smoke goes. Choose a location set apart from your building to stop smoke from flowing up the side of the structure or lingering beneath overhangs and roof edges. Allowing smoke to sit in these areas can cause porous building materials to acquire permanent odors or stains. Heated vapors may also deform siding, window casings and other fixtures.

Similarly, be certain to place your pit somewhere where smoke can rise upwards. You may not be able to prevent unpredictable gusts of wind from pushing smoke at your home, but you can take advantage of natural features, like shrubs and hills, to locate your fire in a spot where most of the vapor will simply drift away harmlessly.

Dealing With Smoke Damage

Of course, these tips may come too late for some. While you should definitely heed this advice going forward, you may need to work with a professional restoration service if your home has already sustained smoke damage.

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