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Commercial Cleaning Tips

December 27, 2018

If you run a business, you probably employ a cleaning service to keep your work site in tip-top shape. A clean office — or warehouse or store — is a healthy, attractive office. Cleaning companies have the equipment, supplies and knowledge to ensure that your Maryland business remains clean, but keeping up with small tasks in between cleanings enhances the work these professionals do.

Nip Messes in the Bud
Quick trips to the break room for coffee, snacks or lunch can result in spills, piles of crumbs, or wrappers and napkins left on the table.

Nip Messes in the Bud

Most of us leave behind the occasional mess. Quick trips to the break room for coffee, snacks or lunch can result in spills, piles of crumbs, or wrappers and napkins left on the table. While it’s understandable that your employees are busy and often in a rush, cleaning up messes right away makes a big difference in the overall look and comfort level of your business. Neglected coffee spills become sticky messes, and used paper towels become unsightly litter, spreading crumbs in their wake.

Clean up Quickly

If you have clients visiting, a TV crew stopping by to film a news segment, or potential employees coming in for interviews, you’ll want to make a great impression. When there’s not enough time or manpower to conduct a real cleaning, consider hitting the high spots. Vacuum entryway rugs, tidy up desks, and clean up any noticeable spills or other messes. Remove smudges from lobby windows and picture frames, and remove any boxes or other clutter from common areas. These quick fixes can be lifesavers if you’re between cleanings.

Other Commercial Cleaning Tips

Often, cleaning companies do not allow their employees to touch business documents in clients’ offices. Stay organized and keep your office looking great by filing papers immediately. Consider keeping a paper tray as a catch-all for papers in transit or requiring action. Provide easy access to extra paper towels and cleaning supplies. This simple change allows employees to quickly and easily wipe down bathroom faucets after use or clean up food debris and drink spills. Be sure all waste bins are clearly marked to indicate whether they’re for trash or recycling.

Whether you run a small office or own a large factory, keeping your property clean is a must. Impress customers, promote the health of workers and visitors, and keep pest infestations at bay by maintaining a regularly maintained, clutter-free workplace. The team at Hydro Clean provides quality commercial cleaning and other services to our customers in the greater Baltimore area. Contact Hydro Cleantoday to learn more about how we can help!

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