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Four Common Household Odors and How To Prevent Them

December 27, 2018

Most homeowners will eventually be haunted by common household odors. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent and remove these troubling smells.

Common Household Odors

Common Household Odors
  • Pets are beloved family companions, but these precious animals can create nauseating odors.
  • Smoke from cooking or tobacco products can leave odors as the particles from the smoke sink into surfaces, including walls, fabric, and furniture.
  • Mold can cause serious odors in areas with excessive moisture, and the result is usually a musty odor.
  • Rot can occur in moisture friendly areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen. Bacteria from human activities and food waste can contribute to rot.

Preventing Common Household Odors

  • Preventing pet odors can be as simple as an extra bath or carefully vacuuming the house more frequently. If pet urine is the cause of the odor, more drastic measures are often required.
  • If odors caused by smoke are attributed to cooking, cleaning and servicing the hood vent can prevent odors. Improved ventilation in the home can also minimize odors related to tobacco products.
  • In areas where mold is likely, inspecting the area for intrusive water and cracks in the foundation can eliminate sources of moisture. A dehumidifier can help.
  • Regular cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom can prevent rot by killing the bacteria that creates the odor.

Removing Common Household Odors

Every year, homeowners spend precious money and time on store bought products that promise to remove household odors. Calling a professional to handle odor removal ensures that you will receive superior products and services that will return that affected areas of your home to mint condition.

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