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How to Buy the Best Smoke Detector

December 27, 2018

If you’re in the market for a new smoke detector, don’t rush into making a purchase before doing a bit of background research. Like other home systems, smoke detectors come in a wide selection of individual brands and designs. Some offer better protection and have a longer lifespan than others. Whether you’re shopping for a small apartment in the city or a large rural home, below are the three key features you want to look for to find the best smoker detector for any space.

Smoke Detector

New Smoke Detectors in Baltimore

While you can find older fire alarms for sale at discount prices, investing in a newer system is almost always a better decision in the long run. Because fire detection technology evolves every year, the latest models often come with safety upgrades that make them more effective and efficient.

Electronic Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors used to be basic in the past, but today the top models come loaded with a variety of innovative features that range from remote-controlled silencing buttons to user-friendly digital displays. Since add-ons differ from one brand to another, it’s important to look for products that fit your unique needs. If you also need to replace your carbon monoxide detector, consider buying a combination unit with both gas and fire protection.

Sophisticated Sensors

Household fire alarms use two main types of sensors to detect fires. Although ionization sensors are ideal for identifying fast-flame fires, photoelectric sensors are much more effective at detecting smoldering fires in their early stages. Because both fires are relatively common and can be deadly, the National Fire Protection Association recommends installing two systems with different sensors or buying a single smoke detector with dual sensors

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