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How To Keep Your Large Mirrors Clean

December 27, 2018

Your mirrors are subjected to so many nasty elements, including sticky hairspray, fingerprints, spit, insects, germs and household grime. Nevertheless, the following steps will help you restore that shiny, beautiful look that your large mirrors once had.

Step 1. Get your cleaning solutions ready

cleaned large mirrors

You need a good amount of dish soap and white vinegar as well as a spray bottle, a soft rag and a microfiber cloth. You also can use a squeegee to clean your mirrors with more control and not create streaks. Do not use a commercial cleaner that contains acid, alkali or ammonia. Also, do not use a newspaper that has soy-based ink.

Step 2. Place a towel under the mirror

Since water damages wood, the goal is to use the towel to catch excess liquid so that it will not fall on or get behind the wood. If your mirror has been stored in the attic or the basement, it is advisable to go over it using a soft rag with some water. By doing so, you will help loosen up any dirt on the mirror, making your cleaning job significantly easier.

Step 3. Put the cleaning solution on your soft rag

With the damp rag, wipe the mirror with some pressure. You can also use the spray bottle to apply the cleaning solution to the mirror, but be careful not to let any of the solution drip into the edges.

Step 4. Use the microfiber cloth to add the finishing touches to your mirror

Whether you have just one or several large mirrors to clean, consider investing in a high-quality microfiber cloth because it is durable and very handy.

For the edges, you can use Q-tips. Dip a Q-tip in the cleaning solution so that it is nice and damp, and then you can start cleaning each edge or any hard-to-reach area on the mirror. Once done, simply flip the Q-tip around so that you can use the other end of the Q-tip to dry each area.

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