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How to Remove Carpet Stains

December 27, 2018

Whether it’s from spilled coffee or a pet that didn’t make it outside in time, that blotch on your beautiful carpet needs immediate attention. Here’s a quick guide for taming carpet stains before the professionals come to your rescue.

Techniques and Tools

Carpet Stains

When your carpet suffers an unsightly accident, time isn’t on your side. Immediately soak up the stain with white paper towels, but don’t use towels with patterns because their colors can transfer. Blot the area until it’s thouroughly dry, and then apply your cleaning mixture with a soft touch. Be careful not to scrub the stain into your carpet’s fibers.

Three Cleaning Solutions

These three home remedies are easy to put together, and they give you a head start on most problems. Just be sure to use a gentle technique and plenty of patience.

  • Vinegar and water: Pet stains, food splatters, rust spots
  • Mild liquid detergent and water: Blood, coffee, sodas
  • Nail polish remover: Ink, glue, cosmetics

Know Your Limits

You can buy spot removal products at a variety of stores, but the time spent shopping is better used taking care of your carpet stain as soon as possible. Fiber content varies from silk or wool in rugs to blends and synthetics in area carpeting, so test your cleaning solution on a small, discreet area before going after the big stain.

Your best strategy for tackling DIY carpet stain removal is calling a reputable cleaning company first. They’ll be happy to share advice that can help until their arrival. Do your best to minimize the damage, but rely on experienced professionals to restore your carpet’s good looks.

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