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Prepare The House For Your Memorial Day BBQ

December 27, 2018

If you’re planning a big barbecue party for your Memorial Day gathering, it’s time to start cleaning your house so that it will shine for your guests. Starting early and getting the essentials, such as your floors, professionally cleaned can make a big difference in the cleanliness of your home. Focusing on the areas that will see the most traffic, including the bathroom and kitchen, is a good way to efficiently prepare.

Eliminate Clutter

Prepare The House For Your Memorial Day BBQ

Piles of clutter scattered throughout your home can hide the true beauty of your house. With a garbage bag in one hand, cut through your clutter to help your guests see your home decorations. Items that you no longer want can be donated to your local thrift store, and belongings that are broken can be thrown away. Once you’re done removing clutter, simply dust your home’s surfaces to finish.

Deep Clean Your Floor

Your floor endures foot traffic all day long; treating it well can make it shine. Although vacuuming and spot cleaning can make a difference in your carpet, professional carpet cleaning can eliminate stubborn stains and smells. Even if your carpets are old, a thorough cleaning can restore and make them look almost brand new. Don’t neglect your home’s other floors, however. Hardwood and tile flooring can also benefit greatly from professional cleaning.

Get Your Backyard Ready

Your backyard will probably be the main star of your barbecue event. Start preparing it by removing weeds and unused outdoor furniture. Updating the look of your yard with some new flowers and decorations can quickly transform it without a lot of effort. Be sure to spend ample time cleaning your grill and making sure you have enough comfortable seating for your guests.

Help Your Home’s Exterior Shine

Throughout the year, your home’s exterior withstands rain, wind and snow storms. Over time, dirt and grime accumulate on every exterior surface. If you use your grill on your deck, power washing can help your deck shine for your guests. Power washing is also an excellent way to clean the entire exterior of your home, helping it regain its original look.

Getting ready for a big Memorial Day gathering at your home is about more than just buying food. A clean house helps your guests feel comfortable and can really impress them. If you want a wide range of professional cleaning services for your home, contact Hydro Clean today. We service the Baltimore area and offer a long list of services, from carpet cleaning to power washing.

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