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Restoring Faded Fabrics

December 27, 2018

Is your favorite contemporary sofa already starting to look like a vintage piece? If so, don’t worry. Fabrics fade naturally over time as a result of sun exposure and normal wear and tear. After all, furniture is designed to be used, so it’s not realistic to expect those dining chairs that you’ve had for nearly a decade to remain in pristine condition.

How do I minimize fabric fading?

faded fabrics

If your furniture actually gets used on a regular basis, fading is inevitable and unavoidable. The only real way to decrease the rate of fading is to use the furniture less frequently. You should also try your best to keep your furniture out of direct sunlight. Depending on where it’s situated within your living space, it could be impossible to avoid direct sunlight as well. Display pieces rarely get actual use, so these will obviously retain their colors for much longer than pieces that see daily use.

What can I do to restore faded fabrics?

The two most common fixes for faded furniture fabrics include dyeing and reupholstering. When choosing to dye a fabric, you should first apply a color remover to it. Then, use a color of dye that is slightly darker than the original to create a bold, new appearance. Dyeing is an affordable remedy, but you can really ruin your furniture if you don’t have experience with it.

Reupholstery is probably the better bet, especially if the fabric has also been frayed, ripped, or physically damaged in some other way. While some individuals prefer to tackle on a do-it-yourself project, professional upholstery is the best option.

For the best results, leave the dyeing and reupholstery up to the experts. Invest in a professional cleaning company to fully revitalize your furniture fabrics without worrying about destroying your most beloved pieces.

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