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The Advantages of Professional Furniture Cleaning

December 27, 2018

It doesn’t take long for new furniture to get dirty. Dust, water, soil, pet hair, burns and smoke can permanently damage your prized sofa, chairs or ottoman at your home or business. If you’ve noticed that your furniture has a bad odor or is stained, you need to call a professional furniture cleaner to get the job performed correctly. While there are products for people who want to do it themselves, there’s a big difference between a quick clean-up and a professional restoration.

Dirty furniture gives the wrong impression. Guests to your home could get the idea that your home isn’t clean if your furniture is noticeably dirty. Clients at your business might think that you don’t pay attention to details if your furniture is so dusty that they don’t feel comfortable sitting on it. Homes and businesses should give a good first impression, or your guests and customers may never return. No business can afford to lose customers because their furniture isn’t clean.

Why Call a Professional?

Furniture Cleaning
The Advantages of Professional Furniture Cleaning

Professionals know the right products to use to remove stains from your furniture. They have experience getting water, wine, juice or other stains from any surface. If you have expensive leather furniture, it’s even more important to have a pro work on your valuable items. They remove the dirt and stains without damaging the beautiful leather. Too often, when an amateur tries to clean leather, the stains just get worse. Dog or cat urine can’t be removed with a simple wipe-down. Your furniture needs a thorough deep cleaning to get the odors out of the upholstery. Professionals will carefully steam clean your furniture to remove any build-up of grime, dust or stains. Water stains, if ignored, can set in the fabric and be very difficult to remove. Water stains are like a magnet for mold, mites and other dirt.

Our technicians can check out your furniture to determine the type and extent of stains. Then, they’ll go to work and restore your furniture to its former glory. Don’t do it yourself. Hire a pro to get the results you want.

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