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The Scents of the Season

December 27, 2018

Whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall, there are certain scents that create a comforting, season-appropriate ambiance at home. Here are four tips for creating a realistic, enjoyable scent inside your house all year round.

The Scents of the Season
  1. 1. Buy seasonal candles

    When picking candles, make sure the packaging allows you to actually sniff the candle before buying. Since candle makers can have varying success replicating natural scents, you can’t just trust the package description.

  2. 2. Try potpourri

    Potpourri offers a long-lasting, strong smell for your home. You can also make your own by mixing dried, seasonal flower petals and spices. If you have pets or small children, be sure to put the potpourri out of reach unless you’re certain it contains non-toxic flowers and spices.

  3. 3. Use store-bought air fresheners

    Store-bought air fresheners have come a long way in the past decade. You can find many that offer light, pleasant smells. There are also many different dispenser options, including those that feature sporadic release triggered by motion and those that can be plugged in so that a fan more evenly distributes the scent. Some individuals prone to migraines may be sensitive to the smell of air fresheners, so be sure to test several different kinds.

  4. 4. Consider essential oils

    In recent years, aromatherapy has been said to help improve both mood and health. It can be practiced in your home with seasonally-appropriate essential oils. You can put a few drops of the oil in a light-bulb diffuser ring or purchase specialized vaporizer and humidifier diffusers.

Your home should be the safest, coziest spot you spend time in each day. Help to create the perfect atmosphere for any season using one of the many home fragrance options available

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