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What is the Bane-Clene Method?

December 27, 2018

The Bane-Clene method is a proprietary carpet-cleaning system based on the recommendations of nearly every carpet manufacturer in the world. Only fully trained and qualified carpet-cleaning technicians may use the Bane-Clene method and Bane-Clene equipment as a professional service, which ensures that cleaning is always performed at the highest possible standards.

Bane-Clene Method

The Bane-Clene method of carpet cleaning was once known as steam cleaning, but under the Bane-Clene name, it has been registered as External Extraction. External Extraction is the only carpet-cleaning method to fall into the category of deep cleaning. All other methods, including those delivered by professional services, are in the category of light surface cleaning.

Steam cleaning uses a fine mist of water and a very small amount of cleaning agent that forces dirt out of the carpet but is almost immediately sucked back into the machine. However, the mist only resembles steam. No actual steam is used, and Bane-Clene wanted to make this clear to its clients.

Bane-Clene equipment is truck mounted, which provides several benefits. No heavy equipment has to be brought into the home where it can cause damage, and any exhaust, humidity or dirt moves directly outside the home instead of lingering in it. In buildings, rooms or offices that are too far away to be reached by a truck-mounted system, a portable system can be used.

While many people believe that do-it-yourself carpet cleaning systems can do the same job for less money, the largest carpet manufacturer in the world recommends External Extraction performed by certified professionals. Rental equipment does not clean as well as Bane-Clene equipment does, and leased equipment may actually cause carpet damage from excessive moisture, overuse of detergents and harsh brushes.

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