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Travertine Floor Cleaning in Baltimore & Columbia, MD

Travertine tile flooring is a commonly chosen option among homeowners in upscale residences in Maryland. Although it comes with sophistication and elegance, continuous foot traffic, the buildup of cleaning product residues, and exposure to acidic substances can gradually degrade the appearance of your beloved travertine floors. Instead of replacing your travertine, entrust it to skilled hands.

Hydro Clean Certified Restoration provides every service necessary to protect and maintain the beauty of your travertine floor. We aim to provide the highest-quality carpet, furniture, wood floor, and air duct cleaning services. Since 1986, we have been thriving in Maryland within our service area to provide top-notch service, and we ensure you get the best care possible for your stoned floors.

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Why Travertine Needs Routine Maintenance

Natural stones such as travertine are commonly used in building and interior design. However, because it is made of calcium carbonate and is quite porous, it is prone to damage and staining. To get rid of dirt, grime, and stains from this beautiful stone, specialist tools, and cleaning solutions are required for travertine cleaning. Improper cleaning can cause a buildup of dirt and stains that can harm the texture and beauty of travertine tiles.

Regular cleaning not only extends the life of the stone and restores its natural beauty, but it also reduces the need for costly replacements and repairs. Therefore, maintaining the durability and beauty of this popular building material requires regular travertine cleaning. Keep the shine of the travertine to enhance the interior.

Professional Travertine Floor Cleaning Process

At Hydro Clean Certified Restoration, our professionals employ industry-leading techniques to ensure your travertine floors receive the highest level of cleaning and care. Here is an overview of our professional travertine floor cleaning process: 

  1. Assessment: Our experienced technicians begin with assessing the condition of your travertine floors, identifying any stains, dirt buildup, or damage that may require special attention.
  2. Surface Preparation: We thoroughly remove the floor of any furniture and objects to provide unhindered access for deep cleaning.
  3. Dry Soil Removal: To remove loose dirt, dust, and debris from the surface of the travertine flooring, we utilize powerful vacuums and microfiber pads.
  4. Pre-treatment: Using cleaning chemicals designed specifically for travertine surfaces, tough stains and highly dirty areas are given an initial treatment.
  5. Agitation: Our professionals use soft brushes, scrubbing pads, or other moderate rubbing techniques to remove stubborn dirt and grime without scratching the stone's surface.
  6. Cleaning: To successfully remove dirt, stains, and pollutants from the travertine flooring, we employ cutting-edge cleaning tools and methods, including steam cleaning or low-pressure washing.
  7. Rinsing and Drying: After cleaning, we thoroughly rinse the travertine floors using high-powered extraction equipment. We use air movers and dehumidifiers to ensure dryness, facilitate drying, and minimize mold growth.
  8. Polishing: We also offer optional polishing services to enhance shine and restore luster to the stone surface. This depends on the desired finish and condition of the travertine floors.
  9. Final Inspection: Our professionals do a comprehensive examination once the cleaning procedure is finished to make sure your travertine floors meet our high standards. To guarantee a precise finish, any blemishes or stains are fixed.

We offer travertine floor sealing treatments with high-grade sealants specially made for natural stone surfaces. Our services protect against stains and moisture penetration, resulting in clean and elegant surfaces that enhance the beauty of your room.

How Often You Need to Clean Travertine Flooring?

The amount of soiling, foot traffic, and environmental considerations are some of the variables that affect how often travertine flooring has to be cleaned. Generally speaking, it is advised to use a soft mop or cloth, a light detergent, or a stone-specific cleaner to clean travertine flooring once or twice a week. Furthermore, spills and stains must be cleaned up right away to stop them from soaking into the stone. To preserve the lifespan and beauty of the travertine flooring, professional cleaning and sealing services should be carried out regularly, usually every 1-2 years, for thorough cleaning and maintenance.

Effortless Elegance: Embracing Travertine Tile Flooring

Travertine tile floating refers to a method of installation where travertine tiles are placed over an existing floor surface without the need for adhesive or mortar. During this procedure, an underlayment—such as foam or cork—that offers support and cushioning is placed on top of the tiles. The floating floor system's interlocking design and the tiles' weight hold them in place rather than the subfloor. Because it's so simple to use and adaptable, this approach is well-liked for updating flooring quickly and easily without creating a mess or taking as long as traditional tile installation methods.

Trust Hydro Clean Certified Restoration for Premium Travertine Floor Cleaning 

Do you have cracked, chipped, and discolored Travertine floors that are damaged to the point where you are thinking of replacing them? Before you go to the expense of removing and replacing your travertine floors, contact Hydro Clean Certified Restoration. We have IICRC-certified experts who are trained in using industrial-grade equipment and high-quality products. They are experts at carpet, upholstery, rug, tile & grout cleaning, and many other services other than stone floor cleaning

We have been serving in Baltimore, Montgomery Village, Washington D.C., Fork, Fort Howard, Columbia, and many other cities throughout Maryland since 1986 with 100% customer satisfaction. Call us today to have our specialists clean your travertine or schedule an appointment for an expert consultation.

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