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Keeping Playtime Fun and Clean

December 27, 2018

Toys get dirty quickly. Since kids use these play items frequently, it is no surprise that they see a lot of wear and tear. Kids do not practice the best hygiene habits, so germs are easily transferred to toys. This not only makes the toys dirty but it can risk the health of children who come into contact with these items.

Playtime Fun and Clean

While some toys can be easily disinfected or washed, certain items may prove more difficult to clean. In fact, stuffed animals and other bed toys may be among the dirtiest items, and they are often cleaned the least. Some stuffed animals can be cleaned in the washing machine. Others can be refreshed with a spray fabric cleaner. Be sure to check the label of the stuffed animal to see specific recommendations.

Bath toys are always in the water, so it may be easy to think they are already clean. However, bath toys can collect soap scum and other germs from the water. These toys can easily be gathered and scrubbed in a tub of warm, soapy water. In order to keep these items from getting grimy, be sure to empty them out and put them up to dry after every bath.

Toys that are frequently used may be harder to clean because children do not want to put them down. For items that are taken back and forth to school, be sure to schedule a cleaning time when the children will not be using them. This may mean cleaning has to happen at night or on the weekend.

Mostly, it is important to regularly clean these items in order to keep them safe and fun for years to come.

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