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Why Does Grout Look Dirty So Quickly?

April 10, 2019

Spring cleaning can be frustrating enough on its own. But when you take a minute to think about the state of the tile and grout on your floors, you’ll be even more tempted to pull your hair out. You’re often left with one maddening question: “why does grout look so dirty so quickly”? Let’s find out what some answers to that question are.

What Is It?

Grout Wearing

Grout may not look like anything special, but your bathrooms and kitchens wouldn’t be the same without it. This material fills in the empty spaces and holds tile together. Most of the time, grout is laid when it is still sticky, so that it looks like glue or mortar. Although it starts out as a liquid, once it dries it hardens and then becomes solid instead.

How Does It Get Filthy?

The texture of the grout is the main reason it gets dirty so quickly. After all, it will absorb all of the dirt, debris, and other messes that you will find on your floors, even if everyone walks around in bare feet all day every day. Essentially, it has to do with all of the pores and ridges on the grout, even the ones that you can’t see. Plus, it is also vulnerable to liquids, so spills of food and drink in the kitchen can quickly make it dirty, and the same effect happens when mud is tracked inside the home.

Why is Clean Grout Important?

Since spring brings wet, muddy weather conditions with it, making sure your grout is kept sparkling clean is even more important now that during other times of year when there isn’t as much precipitation. The cleaner your grout is, the longer it will last. So, let’s look at how you can minimize the amount of dirt that continues to foul up your tile and grout.

How Can I Stop It?

Vacuum constantly, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, as these are two of the busiest places in the home. Cut back on how much detergent you use when you attempt to clean the floors. Too much detergent leaves behind a residue that attracts dirt and other types of contamination instead of repelling it. Mopping with plain water makes a difference as well. Doing this once a week is much better than doing nothing at all. However, you might be tempted to use dirty water while you clean your floors. This does more harm than good, is horribly unsanitary (especially in businesses) and will cause the whole process to take longer than necessary.

Our Tile Cleaning Process

Here’s what we do when it’s time to clean tile and grout and keep everything clean and bright:

  • We apply pre-spray formulated for cleaning the tile This spray loosens whatever grime is on the surface, not just the floor. Then, when it the surface is gone over again, the grime lifts more easily.
  • The tile is then scrubbed by our team members. Scrubbing the tile helps ensures that the prespray is applied evenly wherever it needs to be. The scrubbing also helps get rid of any debris on the tile that won’t come off otherwise.
  • We then use the Hydro-Force SX tile cleaning system. By doing this, we can go over the tile. Hydro-Force SX uses 800 psi water pressure and 200+ degree water to help renew the grout. Even though the mess is removed, you won’t have to worry about any physical damage!
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