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Spring Cleaning in Baltimore

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Spring cleaning can put a damper on your warm-weather fun. Here’s how to get the job done quickly so you can spend your time outside in the Baltimore sun.

Assess Your Mess

Tour your home. In each room, note where clutter is a problem. Decide what needs to be done in each area, and enlist household members to put away toys and other household items. List tasks that need to be done when the “real” cleaning begins.

De-Winterize Your Home

During the winter, we tend to “hibernate.” With nesting comes clutter in the form of movies, books, piles of blankets and other creature comforts. If you’ve accumulated extra stuff, decide what stays and what goes. Grab garbage bags or boxes and labels, then gather unwanted or unused items to throw out, keep or donate.

Buy Cleaning Supplies

Now that you’ve de-cluttered, it’s time to start the serious cleaning. Take inventory of your cleaning supplies and head to the store to re-stock. Big-box hardware and home stores are good sources for bargain cleaning supplies. Consider making your own natural alternatives from items like vinegar, bleach and baking soda to avoid exposing your household to harsh chemicals.

Start Cleaning!

Set expectations at a reasonable level to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Start with an easy-to-clean area for a sense of accomplishment. If possible, tackle heavy-traffic rooms when everyone is away. Consider hiring professional help to clean windows or perform other difficult or time-consuming tasks .

If it’s in the budget, you might want to contact a Baltimore cleaning company to give your home a fresh start for spring. You’ll get a break from handling irritating cleaners, moving heavy furniture, and spending beautiful spring days indoors


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