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A Guide to Cleaning Your Windows

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A Guide to Cleaning Your Windows

With pollen everywhere, you will probably want to clean your windows.

With pollen everywhere, you will probably want to clean your windows. After all, you don’t want to have your view spoiled! But even if you’ve cleaned your windows from the inside before, you might not know how you’re supposed to clean the outside pane of glass. Luckily, we have assembled this helpful guide to cleaning your windows.

Clean Your Windows

Before you can do anything else, there are some tools you will need to collect:

  1. A squeegee with rubber blades on it
  2. A big sponge or a scrubber
  3. Rags with no lint on them – use t-shirts you plan on discarding, or linen towels, or even chamois cloth, if you know what that is.
  4. Some dishwashing detergent
  5. A five-gallon bucket

Now that spring is here you’ll probably choose to go outside on a warmer day. If this is the case, then you’ll want to use some cool water on your windows. Squeegeeing the windows with this water will help prevent unsightly streaks from forming. Don’t use too much detergent, either. If there are too many suds, you’re probably doing more harm than good. Use the scrubber and the squeegee together. After each swipe of the squeegee, use the cloth to wipe down the scrubber to get rid of dirt, debris, and excess water. Pay some attention to the bottom of the window along with the top, and if the rags that you’re using get too dirty, then swap them out for a set of clean ones instead.

Dealing with Multi-Pane Windows

Depending on the last time you replaced your windows, the window you’re attempting to clean could have more than one pane of glass. For these windows, you will want to use a slightly smaller squeegee than the one you would use for a single-pane window. Sponges and hog-bristle brushes will be your best tool for getting these windows clean. Squeegee the window and clean the blade. If you keep hearing an annoying squeak, that means you haven’t used enough soap.

Getting Rid of Spots

You’ve got to get rid of any stubborn spots that won’t go away. Hard water will form given enough time, and these spots will be tough to remove, much tougher than making condensation go away. Clean the windows as described above, and then use steel wool or cleaning products with oxalic acid in it. Look at the ingredients in the cleaner before you proceed, though. That’s because you might accidentally scratch the window you’re working on, and you don’t want that to happen! Mix up the powder until it turns into a paste; once it has, use a towel to spread it around on the window. Then rinse and wipe away the remaining residue.

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