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Tips for Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor

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Tips for Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor

Keeping your hardwood floor clean can be a tall task.

Keeping your hardwood floor clean can be a tall task. Even if you think you can never actually do it given how busy everyone in your home always is, you shouldn’t be discouraged. Here are some valuable tips for keeping your hardwood floor clean without too much effort.

What to Do Every Day

Dust and sweep your hardwood floors every day. Depending on how busy a day is, you might even consider dusting and sweeping twice – once in the morning and once in the evening before bed. Use a mop with a microfiber head or a cloth that is also made of microfiber. This way, you can protect your hardwood floor against any unsightly scratches or surface damage that can be caused by pebbles, shards of glass, or other debris that can find their way into your home. If you have access to microfiber pads, then it’s worth it to give them a try. That’s because the static electricity on these pads allows you to scoop up dirt, pollen, and pet dander. Brooms work, but you might only succeed in moving the mess around and not getting rid of it.

What to Do Every Week

Sometimes it’s easier to clean every week instead of every day. It’s difficult, but it can be done, so don’t lose faith in yourself! For best results, try using vacuums and wet mops during this step. You can then hit the corners and other harder to reach trouble spots that you might not feel like tackling on a daily clean. Make sure the beater bar on the vacuum doesn’t dent or gouge the floor. And if you’re using a mop, don’t overdo it on the water. Water is the mortal enemy of wood, even for hardwood floors. Using too much liquid is another beginner’s mistake that you can avoid in the future.  

Going Above and Beyond

Water, vinegar, soap, wax, and steam can do more harm than good. Polishing, sanding, and refinishing can help restore some of the shine to your floors, but you need to be smart about how you do it. Plus, there are still other tasks you can do at the end of every month, and the start of every year. For instance, polishing the hardwood floor in your home every month also cleans it and gets rid of any scratches you can’t see. Then the time for a deep clean has come – but you can always wait to do that once a year.    

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