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Types of Rug We Clean in Baltimore, Annapolis & Columbia, MD

Homeowners and business owners alike appreciate the touch of vintage rugs in their living space. Even today, weavers put a lot into knotting the sophisticated design of traditional rugs. Rugs preserve a piece of history and the detail of work woven into them is truly outstanding. Such work of art needs professional attention to be cleaned properly without damaging the fibers. Normal cleaning techniques do not apply to rugs as they are not simple cloth or fabric.

Remarkable Treatment for Extraordinary Rugs

Hydro-Clean provides special care for rug cleaning and preserving its quality. Our highly-developed rug cleaning process ensures stains, spots, and grease are removed along with careful brushing treatment for smoothing out the fabric. We clean with premium detergent, specifically formulated for carpets, combined with a hot water extraction method. This deep cleaning process removes about 95% of the water and allows most carpets to dry within 8-10 hours. If you want your rug cleaned, give us a call at 410-505-7879 or contact us online to schedule your appointment.

Experienced Rug Cleaning in Maryland

Oriental rugs are made with heavy textile and usually contain some kind of symbolic artwork. It is normally made from materials like silk, wool, and cotton. We use specially-made detergents to clean oriental rugs and preserve their artwork.

Generally found in homes and offices, area rugs are used to enhance home decoration and design interiors. Area rugs are also the ones to be the most exposed to dirt, stains, and spots. We have the proper equipment to clean hard-to-remove stains, and the best part is we do not charge for spot removal.

Premium rugs made with high-quality material and expert craftsmanship. Fine detailed and heavily worked on. Our deep cleaning process ensures no damage is done to the fabric and protects the soft and luxurious feel. 

Persian rugs are some of the most priceless textiles available for home decorations. These expensive rugs require extra care when cleaning. For an instance, Persian rugs must never be bleached. Doing so will result in permanent discoloration of the rug.

As the name suggests, silk rugs are delicate in nature, and using the wrong cleaning product or scrubbing too roughly, will damage the rug heavily. We utilize high-grade detergents and specialized brushes to prevent causing any damage.

Let the Professionals Handle the Job

Experts at Hydro-Clean are experienced with cleaning various types of rugs and have extensive knowledge about them too. We have been dealing with rugs since 1986 and providing excellent customer satisfaction with our rug cleaning services. Our eco-friendly and affordable rug cleaning services are available in Glyndon, Abingdon, Brooklyn, Damascus, and more nearby cities in Maryland.

Call us now at 410-505-7879 for time-tested and certified rug cleaning services.

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